Male to Female Transition

Gender change and transition is something that is considered highly taboo in the media. This transition is purely physical, whether it be female to male or male to female.

There is no such thing as a mental gender change, as one person’s mind can tell this and look any way. Transitions are completed by transgender people, who identify as a gender that is dissimilar to their sex. Transition must start with an individual choice to transition, prompted by the intuition that one's gender identity does not coordinate the gender that one was relegated during birth. One of the most important parts of transitioning for many transgender individuals is turning out surprisingly. The phrase ‘coming out’ is used for gender identity and sexuality. This language is used to tell one’s peers about what they identify as to people like their friends and family. Gender changes happen in three ways, legally, physically and personally. 

First comes legally: one who wishes to change their gender must complete the following: Fill out their court forms. Some courts additionally assert you to round out forms to ask for a name change, similar to a criminal background data form. At that point they should have their specialist round out an affidavit telling the court that they have experienced clinically proper treatment for change of sexual orientation. Then they must have their forms reviewed. After making a copy of their forms, they must file their forms with the court clerk. Soon after, they should attend their court hearing. Once they have gotten their Decree Changing Name and Gender from the court this process is legally completed. If a transgender person wishes, (in this case a male, changing to a female) they can have breast implants, or have their Adam’s apple removed (otherwise known as Chondrolaryngoplasty), have facial surgery, vocal therapy, and also sex reassignment surgery. This process is very long and testing, and this is when personally comes in.

People really begin to realize that this is who they are, and that this a transition that only showcases what they are feeling on the outside. Transgender lose a lot during this time, including relationships, work and maybe even respect.


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