May 7, 2016

Jobs and Transgender Persons

Transgender Persons

Getting a job as a transgender has become a major issue due to the discrimination society has hurled their way. Even though some transgender has sparkling qualifications in their resume, they are always faced with the challenge of their gender identity when they are looking for jobs. Some transgender persons even find themselves at wit's end, wondering whether to even disclose that they are transgender to their potential employers or just to keep tight-lipped. Even though discrimination against transgender persons is illegal, there have been many cases of transgender persons being discriminated against in workplaces. This has led to many transgenders hunting for jobs and keeping their transsexualism a well-guarded secret. Below are some areas that could help transgender persons to land jobs and make their lives more bearable in workplaces.


Things don’t take care of themselves! As a transgender person, you have to plan and plan accordingly. You need to plan your finances. You need to plan how long it will take you to have surgery and finish with the hormone therapy. You even need to plan on which sector you will feel comfortable working in. With a nicely laid out strategy, you will have an easier time getting yourself employed. If you are a transgender person, and you were previously in an established career, you also need to decide whether you will still pursue the same career or look for another occupation after your sex reassignment surgery. If you have your own enterprise, you will also have to ask yourself whether your customers and clients will be comfortable with the new you.

Your skills and expertise

Transgender Persons

Just because you view a certain field to be more accommodative to you as a transgender person does not mean you should lie about your skills and expertise so as to land a job in that field. You must exercise honesty in your quest to get a job. Being a transgender person is a challenge, and you will not be doing yourself any favors by venturing into a field you know nothing about. They will drop you like a bad habit once the veil falls from their eyes and they know that you are incompetent.

Work diligently

When good fortune comes your way and you get a job, you should work diligently. Do your job perfectly and avoid getting into trouble. Make sure you are always on time and do not ask for days off unnecessarily. If you stay under the radar and do your job meticulously, you will not create any fuss in the workplace. Remember that your superiors can masquerade their discrimination's against you by pointing out that you did not do a job properly, so don’t be an easy target. Do what you are supposed to do when you are supposed to do it.

Develop a thick skin

Transgender Persons

You should not be surprised that not everybody will like you in the workplace. You should never endeavor to please everyone; just do your job. Even though you should keep matters concerning your gender private in the workplace, know that some curious coworkers will still snoop around to try and learn more. Develop a thick skin at your workplace and learn to brush off gossip.


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  1. Very sad and real true.
    Im health handicap and trans
    Girl so imagine how it is..